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Virginia Museum of Fine Arts


The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is a really arty place where you can go and hang out and appreciate all the fine arts. It’s an excellent place to kick back and have a good time if you’re with a group of old pals from your private liberal arts college. You can meet them there and appreciate many of the artistic masters’ best works. Couple it with other museums in Virginia, like the Science Museum. You’ll get to see some amazing stuff at this museum, like Warhol, Picasso, Degas, and Renoir. They all line the walls of this amazing museum. There’s a world-famous collection of Japanese, Chinese, African, medieval, Egyptian, Himalayan, art deco, and art nouveau pieces. Everything just adds to the enjoyment at the museum. There are even two places to eat at the museum, the Amuse Restaurant and the Best Café. There is a cool gift shop that sells children’s items, books, and fine art prints as well.

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts website is worth checking out too. It’s a work of art itself. It’s extremely beautiful. The mission of the museum is to interpret, exhibit, preserve, and collect art, and to encourage the practice of art. It’s a privately funded museum, and it attempts to enrich the lives of everyone who passes through its doors.

Interestingly, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts was opened during the Great Depression in 1936. The business and political leaders bravely demonstrated their unshakeable commitment to art by creating this museum during one of the most difficult financial times in our nation’s history. Since the museum’s beginning, it has always supplemented its permanent collection with special exhibitions that come in and out. For example, just five years after it was opened, it featured Modernist artworks from Paris. As early as 2005, the museum presented an exhibition of more than 30 Realist and Impressionist oil paintings, pastels, and watercolors. The museum is always working to showcase special exhibitions.

They have some amazing pop art exhibitions on display now. This isn’t just old, stodgy paintings locked away in a cavernous building. This is booming, vital museum with some of the most modern artwork there is – by some of America’s top pop artist painters.

If you’re considering visiting the science museum in Virginia, then you have to visit the art museum too. You can’t visit one without the other. They just compliment each other so well.

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
200 N Blvd Richmond, VA 23220
Phone: 804-340-1400
Website: http://www.vmfa.state.va.us