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Thomas-Hines Antiques

This is the biggest antiques dealer in Richmond. It’s a little elegant shop with rooms that appear to go on and on. It has museum-quality European and English antiques. It’s an awesome collection of must-haves.

Thomas Hines was set up awhile ago, all the way back in 1972, as an interior design collectible spot. The shop’s expanded greatly in the years since its founding. It’s grown to an 82,000 square foot space with accessories, porcelains, and fine furniture. The man behind the company, Robert Hines, has purchased and loved antiques since he’s been a little boy. The bulk of his inventory is the effect of his several buying trips to France, England, and traveling throughout the United States. He specializes in the sale of 20th, 19th, and 18th century pieces. It’s one of the best spots on the East Coast as well as one of the best spots in Virginia. There’s also a huge collection of upholstered furniture, lamps, and mirrors.

Anne Hines started her design work in the early 1970s once she received her BFA in interior design from the Commonwealth University of Virginia. Over the last four decades, her commissions have been residential from all over the United States, and she’s also done work on historical buildings, CEOs’ offices, resorts, islands, yachts, hotel lobbies, and country clubs.

What about Thomas Hines, Inc. though? There are tables, sideboards, services, secretaries, desks, chairs, chests, cabinets, and armoires. There’s everything there you could possibly want to actually integrate some of these amazing techniques into your home. In other words, they have the selection of antiques that would look great in your home, things that you could actually set up in your home, not just the little tiny pieces, that would mostly look good as decorative pieces.

Thomas Hines, Inc. is the trust name in antiques furniture, and you should try to go there if you’re visiting Richmond, because it’s one of the best antique spots there is. It’s got a ton of square footage devoted to antiques.

Address: 3207 W Cary St Richmond VA 23221
Phone: 804-355-2782
Website: www.thomashinesinc.com