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The Dairy Bar

You can get some great club sandwiches and the most awesome ice cream and milkshakes in town here. This should be a place that’s one of your favorites to stop for lunch. It’s a great spot for visitors and locals too. You have to be a great restaurant to keep garnering patrons for so many years, over 50 years in total. There are even some people in Richmond who still refer to it by its original name, which is Curles Neck Dairy Bar.

The Dairy Bar has been a family tradition in Richmond going back to 1946. They work to give you the best customer experience possible in the city, and they always want to know how they can improve. Let’s delve into their breakfast, lunch, drinks, and dessert menus. They have a country style breakfast, classic style breakfast, stuffed omelets, breakfast sandwiches, and kids breakfast. That’s just breakfast, however! There’s a lot more to go. If your mouth is already watering, then you’re going to be really excited when you get to the lunch, drinks, and dessert menu. Lunch gives you a lot of options too. You can make your own lunches, and you have a lot of options. You can get a huge selection. You can get a lot of different drinks too like homemade Southern Sweet Teas, sodas, coffee, and hot tea. This restaurant pretty much has it all stored up for you. All you have to do is go in there and enjoy yourself. You can get all sorts of desserts and sodas, and you can enjoy light or heavy lunches or breakfasts. It’s a great place to get a fresh start in the morning. You can also get a boost at lunch when you have a nice one with a little soda. There’s no dinner menu, but there’s a lot of stuff you can have for lunch, and if you’re really keen, you can pack up what you have for lunch, and eat it for dinner.

The customers are talking a lot about it too. They’re saying some great things about it. They say that it never disappoints, and the lunch and breakfast are both great, but the breakfast is really amazing. There are some customers who say it’s a best-kept secret, and that’s the reason that many people want to keep it to themselves. The service is supposed to always be friendly and prompt. Plus, the owners are always adding fresh, new delights to the menu. You’ll definitely see a full who’s who of the South when you walk into this restaurant.

The Dairy Bar
Address: 1602 Roseneath Rd Richmond, VA 23230
Phone: 804-355-1937
Website: www.dairybarrestaurant.com