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St. John’s Church in Richmond VA

The church was constructed in 1741, and it’s the oldest intact wooden structure in Richmond. This is the site of where Patrick Henry gave his famous speech that caused the Virginia assembly to vote to go to war. He gave the speech in 1775. This was a speech that swung the balance to get the Virginia troops to go into the Revolutionary War. There are many historic figures’ tombstones here too, like Elizabeth Poe, the mother of Edgar Allan Poe, and George Wythe. George Wythe was the first Declaration of Independence signer from Virginia. You can really get a sense of what it was like hundreds of years ago when you’re there. The whole area is enclosed by a brick wall, and there’s a gift shop too. This is one of the best starts to any Richmond tour. It helps to start with the truly historical stuff so you can get a sense of all the historical stuff that occurred after that.

Historic St. John’s Church is quite a place if you want a spiritual experience. It’s a state landmark. This is one church you don’t want to miss if you’re religiously minded. A lot of people call this the best of all the historic churches. Virginia is a place where there was a strong founders’ presence, and it was one of the earliest states and areas for many of the country’s churches to spring up in. The church is simply beautiful, the graveyard is haunting, and the tour guide will walk you through an interesting tour without boring you to tears. You’ll definitely want to come back and bring back a lot of friends and family with you. This is probably one of the best historic sites involving Patrick Henry.

There are reenactments every Sunday at 1 PM that are open to the public. For about an hour, you get to participate in an event that happened over two centuries ago, and you can see what the tribulations and trials of their day were like. So much of what’s wonderful about this nation began at this church site.

It’s a great little place to wander around in, even if you don’t go on a tour. You can glance inside the windows and look at the amazing décor of the church. It’s a wonderful historic spot to mark down on your itinerary and put behind you.

St. John’s Church
2401 E Broad St Richmond, VA 23223
Website: http://www.historicstjohnschurch.org