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Richbrau Brewing Company

This is a downtown microbrewery that has regional and local bands, and it has a great beer selection to get from on tap as well. It also has some excellent food choices from Matthew Tlusty’s cuisine kitchen. This is an excellent spot for a pool game

This is a pretty excellent bar and nightclub because of all the different types of things they have to offer here. They have rock, dancing, hip-hop, DJs, pool/darts/pinball, full bar, and full dining. They have it all. It’s also gotten some incredibly high reviews on the third-party review sites. You never know what you’re going to get when you walk into Richbrau. The club is 21 and up. Let’s delve into what people are saying about it.

Some people actually don’t like it, so let’s go into those reviews first. The dance floor is cramped and small, and there’s a lot of space that’s taken up by pool table. They also make you pay to come back in the club if you leave. There’s no coat check in the winter. There’s someone who said it was a standard Richmond club with not any particular thing worth mentioning. Some people also don’t like the bartenders. They say that it’s hard to get beer on a busy night. That’s no fun to be standing there and waiting in line for beer when you really just want to get drunk and party. It’s a tough place if you’re there on a busy night. That’s the negative review. That’s the negative perspective on it, so let’s get into what the positive reviews have to say about the subject.

Some people like the catwalk above the dance floor, and they say it’s a great way to check out the dancing girls below. Other people say the crowd is really nice, and a whole lot of fun. The good part of the whole club experience is that the people there are awesome. That’s one of the main reasons to go out there. That’s what a lot of the reviews say.

A lot of patrons also say the beer is really great there. Some people say that it is a memorable location that you definitely want to go back to and enjoy. Others call it the place to be on Saturday and Friday night. It has a good mix of people. It’s a good place to play darts and pool too. Even the positive reviews say that it’s hard place to get a drink because the line is so long.

Richbrau Brewing Company Richmond, VA
Address: 1214 E Cary St at S 12th St Richmond, VA 23219
Phone: 804-644-3018
Website: www.richbrau.com