Perly’s serves lunch and dinner to the crowd downtown nearly every day, and they munch on it voraciously. The people downtown are grateful for the restaurant that makes their working lives so much better. It’s a local hotspot for the busy bees who work in the town, and it’s also a great tourist destination. Consider stopping in here during the day to grab a quick bite if you’re a tourist. Some people are just downright religious about eating at Perly’s every day. The deli sandwiches are stacked up high, the soups are both cold and hot, and there are an awful lot of choices for the vegetarian that’s health-conscious here. You can satisfy everything, your wallet and your appetite, when you’re here.

Perly’s Restaurant has stunning reviews from people all over the nation, from people visiting from all over the nation as tourists, and from local community members too.

Perly’s Restaurant is open from 7 AM to 3 PM on Monday through Friday, and it opens an hour later at 4 PM on Saturday and Sunday. They accept credit cards, they’re good for kids, there is street parking, and you can wear your casual attire. It’s also good for groups. The price range is minimal, so you can definitely avoid it. It doesn’t take reservations or delivery though. That’s one of the downsides. They have such good food, and sometimes you just want to order in their delicious food and munch it down on their couch. However, it’s hard sometimes though. You have to go in and do take-out. That means you can call ahead of time and order, and then you can go up there and pick the food up, and you can take it home with you. They do have beer & wine there. The noise level is moderate. The ambience is casual.

This is a great restaurant to just come and hang out at. Many people think of Perly’s affectionately because it’s such a cute name with a great atmosphere, lots of cool people, and wonderful meals. It’s a place where you can really fell relaxed, and you can get comfortable enjoying it there with your chums, and just have a few drinks and chill out.

Perly’s is not a must-see destination when you’re in the city, but it’s one of those places that you definitely don’t want to leave off your list if you’re looking to get a real sense and taste of what the people are like here.

Address: 111 E Grace St Richmond, VA 23219
Phone: 804-649-2779