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Millie’s Diner Richmond, VA

Millie’s Diner is a popular hot spot, and it’s often crowded with seriously loyal customers that just have to come back and keep getting a taste for more. The spicy omelets are just excellent here, and they’re prepared by an excellent chef that goes by the name of Joe Merolli. The prices are within reason too, and the service is always friendly. Brunch is open at nine on Saturday, but you need to go in early to get at the front of the line.

Millie’s has lunch and dinner servings throughout the week from Tuesday on to Sunday, and they have brunch on Sundays and Saturdays also. The voters in Richmond consistently chose this as the best brunch spot. People show up just religiously every weekend. There are some amazing dishes there like huge spicy crab, soft scrambled eggs, and egg enchilada. This is a place where you can really taste your food because it’s sumptuous, buttery, and fattening, but it’s only one time a week at brunch, so how bad can it be? The line usually starts at the door because the food is just so tasty, but it usually ends up moving along very quickly. You can have a tasty Mimosa or Bloody Mary while you’re waiting.

You’re not going to just enjoy the food when you go there. You’re going to enjoy the amazing collection of real 45s and individual jukeboxes as well. Reviewers call it a very eclectic restaurant. It’s a very fun place to go if you want a little of everything – food, drink, music, and socialization.

Millie’s has gotten favorable reviews from several organizations and publications too, including magazines, guidebooks, blogs, and websites. It is a definite hotspot as far as the local community goes, as far as tourists go, and as far as the reviewers say.

This is the place to be if you’re in Richmond, and you want to try some great food throughout the week while you’re staying there. You can go in every night for dinner. You can also try going in there every day for lunch. The line just might get you though. Don’t worry, however. The line moves pretty fast.

Millie’s Diner
Address: 2603 E Main St Richmond, VA 23223
Phone: 804-643-5512
Website: www.milliesdiner.com