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Metro Richmond Zoo

This exciting zoo is home to more than 400 animals, and it’s a natural habitat zoo that lets you see exotic and
domestic animals. You can pet the giraffe, observe the orangutan making a curious sound, and chuckle at the monkeys. When you’re through, head on over to the gift store. The Metro Richmond Zoo gives you an immersive experience in the wonders of the animal kingdom. You’ll love every second of it. You’ll feel like a new man when you’re out there seeing all the beautiful animals up close and personal. It’s a lot better than having to just look at them on the Animal Planet channel. Plus, you’ll get outdoors and get some exercise.

The zoo is open year-round from 9:30 AM to 5 PM on Monday through Saturday. It’s closed Sunday. It’s also closed on certain holidays. It’s closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Day, and when there are snow and ice conditions.

The price is $14.75 for an adult, $13.75 for a senior, and $9.75 for a child. That’s when the number of people is between 10-25 though. When the number of people is between 26-50, the price of an adult is $13.75, the price of a senior is $12.75, and the price of a child is $8.75.

There are even discounted rates when you have really large groups like scouting expeditions, summer camps, or church groups.

Wouldn’t you love to really meet and feed the giraffes? That’s something you can do when you go to the zoo. You can even get up close and personal with a zebra. What an extremely fun way to spend the day. Most zoos don’t let you get up close and personal with their creatures. The Metro Richmond Zoo is different. They want to get people interacting and involved with the animals so that they can spread the love of the animal kingdom in the area. It’s a noble purpose and a great thing to do for the community. Plus, you can even watch someone feeding the penguins. That’s an exciting thing, even if you’re not involved in the actual feeding. Watching a bunch of penguins waddle up to eat is extremely entertaining. It’s part of the fun when you go to one of the most renowned sites in Richmond.

Visit the Metro Richmond Zoo
8300 Beaver Bridge Rd
Moseley, VA 23120
Phone: 804-739-5666
Website: http://www.metrorichmondzoo.com