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Kings Dominion Theme Park


If you’ve had a terrible workweek, and you’re ready to kick back and relax, and feel like a kid again, then this is the place for you. You can ride the world’s fastest rollercoasts, and you can even ride some suspended rollercoasters, like the Volcano and Blast. There’s even a place built especially for the kids, called Kidsville. The park is closed on certain days, so you’ll want to call ahead and be sure of everything. Call for more details. There’s nothing like kicking back at an amusement park after a tough week, month, or year. If you have kids, even better. Everyone can enjoy the fun.

There’s nothing like riding one of the world’s fastest rollercoasters and going to a fine restaurant on the same premises right afterward. It’s a whole new, thrilling experience that will make you forget about all your woes from the previous week. You won’t even think about how bad the last week was when you get rocked by a rollercoaster and then get a stomach full of great food afterward.

There are so many things to do at King’s Dominion. There are rides & attractions, Planet Snoopy, WaterWorks, live entertainment, Dinosaurs Alive!, and more. Let’s explore some of them. As far as rides & attractions, there are several of them. There are several dozen rollercoasters to choose from, and you can go home saying that you’ve ridden more than all your friends, if you get the chance to visit this park with its bevy of rollercoasters. There are just so many amazing rides to try. You’ll never run out of options when you’re at the park. There are just too many to try in one day. There are just so many to choose from that your head will spin, literally!

What about other kinds of activities though? You can really beat the summer heat with WaterWorks too. It’s one of the premier water parks in the state, and it features water activities that are fun for the whole family. Whether you want to just relax and chill out, or experience tsunami-sized thrills, this is the waterpark you need to visit.

If you’re not keen on any of these rides or things, then just visit some restaurants on-site and kick back. This isn’t called the King’s Dominion for no reason. When you’re here, you’re a king. You’ll really appreciate the sense of power you get from being outside of the office and in a new environment.

Paramounts Kings Dominion
16000 Theme Park Way Doswell, VA 23407
Phone: 804-876-5134
Website: http://www.kingsdominion.com