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Gates Antiques, LTD. Midlothian, VA

If you’re looking for something extremely old, then this is the store for you. They have the biggest selection of old, weird antiques, and, remember, this is Richmond, Virginia, so they’re going to have some really old stuff. This was one of our nation’s first colonies, and they were also a big hub during the Civil War. You are going to find some really unique stuff here. Some of the antiques even date back to 1650. They also have a restoration and appraisal section.

Gates Antiques was set up in 1961, and it remains one of Richmond’s favorite spots. It offers Virginia’s largest and finest selection.

They also do conservation and repair services. They do a whole lot. They are a lot more than just a store. They do a whole ton of stuff. They have antiques classes. Antiques classes cover a whole lot, like review and practical testing, a field guide to unacceptable and acceptable restorations, construction and hardware, secondary and primary woods, and furniture periods and styles from 1650-1920.

Furthermore, they have a DVD and book series. It spans a whole lot of subjects like repairs, fakes, hardware, wear and care, woods, construction, and furniture periods. It’s a set comprising eleven discs, and it takes about eight hours of viewing, plus there’s a companion text that comes with it, and the viewer will be immersed in a self-paced and informative furniture primer course. The cost of the series is just under #00, and it includes the 11-disk set along with the companion workbook alongside it.

They have multiple showrooms. If you really want to see all of their stuff, without going to their store, then you can see their online catalog where they have a lot more information. You can also contact them and ask them a question, because antiques are a tough business to understand, and you have to do your best to understand everything about them so you don’t waste money or buy poor-quality antiques, that don’t rise to the full caliber of what good antiques should be. What that means is that you’ll get real antiques here, and you won’t have to deal with the newer modern versions of furniture that people call antiques. These are real antiques from our earliest colonial times.

Gates Antiques, LTD.
Address: 12700 Old Buckingham Rd Midlothian, VA 23113
Phone: 804-794-8472
Website: www.gatesantiques.com