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Edgar Allan Poe Museum

Have you ever wanted to learn more about America’s scariest storyteller? Now, you can. There’s a whole museum dedicated to the man, Edgar Allan Poe. Interestingly enough, the museum is located in Richmond’s oldest site. That makes it even scarier. It’s sort of a haunted site. The museum is a must-see for people who admire the literary works of Edgar Allan Poe. You can go on a guided tour of many of the personal belongings, first editions, and manuscripts of Edgar Allan Poe himself. What an eerie thing to be able to look through all his stuff. This will give you a better understanding of the person. It will help enrich your understanding of where he was coming from. It’s simply a must-see if you’re a fan and in the area.

The museum proudly describes itself as having the world’s finest Edgar Allan Poe collection. Edgar Allan Poe was called the Shakespeare from America, and hew as a master of lyric poetry, horror fiction, science fiction, detective fiction, and the short story. A little tip is that if you’re in Richmond visiting, you can also go the Historic St. John’s Church and see the gravesite of his mother. The museum is just a few blocks away from Edgar Allan Poe’s old home and the site where he worked, the Southern Literary Messenger.

You can get a firsthand look at all the personal belongings, memorabilia, first editions, letters, and manuscripts which were so important to Poe. It’s even cooler to see these kinds of things from a writer because they were his mainstay as far as personal artifacts and occupational elements. If you were looking at these same items from an artist, they might not be as cool. However, the fact that these manuscripts and letters come from one of the world’s greatest writers makes them all the more interesting.

You can see some incredibly interesting exhibits while you’re there too, like Edgar Allan Poe’s trunk, Tale of Terror movie poster, Robert Craig Stanard ambrotype the desk from the Southern Literary Messenger, Tales of Grotesque and Arabesque. It will definitely lend a creepy, helping hand to helping you appreciate his short stories, and where he was coming from. If you’re a fan of Poe, then this is a must-see destination. You just won’t get any better than this as far as getting to the authentic feel for Poe. Once you have it, it will enrich your appreciation of his short stories in all the years to come.

Edgar Allan Poe Museum
1914 E Main St Richmond, VA 23223
Phone: 804-648-5523
Website: http://www.poemuseum.org