This sweet little ice cream shop is cloistered away near some of the best shopping in the city. That means you can go in and get a little bite to eat while you’re out shopping, especially on a hot summer day. There’s nothing better than stopping in for a fresh scoop while you’re out shopping to kill that summer heat. Bev’s is a friendly, congenial atmosphere, and it’s got all the flavors that will give you the renewed energy for shopping throughout the day. You can replenish and relax with salads, wraps, and sandwiches. The ice cream is made fresh every day, and Bev’s has the awesome steaming espresso and fabulous baked goods that will keep you coming back for more, even if you’re not interested in the ice cream. This is a little sweets shop with the right stuff to keep you moving throughout the day.

They have some great reviews on their social media profiles, but they don’t have any website at all. They have some excellent flavors that are outside of the ordinary vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, like oreo, sorbet, gelato, cinnamon, and mocha almond. This is your standard, awesome, small town ice cream shop.

The food was generally rated as excellent, the décor was rated as good, and the service was rated as very good.

So many small towns have great little ice cream shops, and this is one of the small ice cream shops that are known around the country as being especially quaint and cozy. Bev’s is a place you can bring the children. It’s a place that you can go and feel like a regular. Whether you’ve been a regular there for five years, or you’re a new tourist that’s just passing through, this is exactly the place you want to be to enjoy a great scoop of ice cream.

Bev’s is complete with everything you’d need or want in a small town diner, and there are so many places to choose to eat in Richmond, but this is the single place you should go and have dessert. It’s a great place to take your kids into and just chill out when you’ve all been out walking during the day. You could have a lot to do, and a lot of places to visit, in Richmond, but you can always stop in for a scoop of ice cream and relax.

Address: 2911 W Cary St Richmond, VA 23221
Phone: 804-204-2387