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Antique Boutique & Delectable Collectibles

This is a special little shop that has a selection of perfume bottles, inkwells, frames, accessories, furniture, and antique sterling silver. Appointments have to be made if you want to make an off-hour visit.

This store offers an extensive collection of stuff like collectibles, glassware & crystal, elegant lamps, fine art, Steinbach nutcrackers, stained glass, fine silver, and heirloom jewelry. It’s an amazing little spot in Richmond, and it’s got a cute and funky name too. Its name is Antique Boutique and Delectable Collectibles. Their collectibles really are delectable. You’ll love how they look. Just come on in if you’re in Virginia and see what people are calling it delectable too.

There is even a video on the site where you can see everything. It has short images that are stills that are played in no particular sequence that show the inside of the shop. This makes it easy for prospective customers to see what it’s like ahead of time, and decide if they want to go there at all. There’s a lot of stuff on the site so that you can make up your mind about whether you want to hit this little antique spot or skip it. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to get an inside peek into the store.

In fact, there’s a little door that you click on the website to open up what the inside of the store looks like with a video. You can preview everything easily. Most websites don’t have this amazing feature. They may have galleries or about pages, but they don’t have the kind of in-depth look that this store offers.

So, let’s go over some of the things they offer in more depth.

They have contemporary and antique jewelry. That means that they don’t just have the antique jewelry. They have some contemporary jewelry too. This is a perfect place to take your newlywed bride if you want to really pick her out something special. This place has got everything you need in terms of antique jewelry. If you want a Victorian piece, sparkling vintage earrings, or sterling silver, you can find everything here.

They also have an amazing selection of elegant lamps. You can really decorate and refine your apartment with these amazing lamps. They’re brightly colored, glass, and very beautiful.

Why don’t you come into the store instead of just taking a peek on the online website?

Antique Boutique & Delectable Collectibles
Address: 1310 E Cary St Richmond, VA 23219
Phone: 804-775-2525
Website: www.antiqueboutiqueva.com