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Adams Antiques Richmond, VA

This shop is a perfect selection of Southern American country and formal 19th and 18th century furniture, accessories, and paintings. You need to call ahead to the shop before you go to just see if it’s open.

It’s hard to find furniture from the 18th century, but Adam’s Antiques has some of the finest furniture from the 18th century there, being in an area of the country where some of the first colonies in America were. This is the spot to go in the city to go if you want some of the finest furniture from the 18th century.

You are going to want to call ahead to see if it’s taking in new customers because it’s a very exclusive place, and you want to make sure that you can get in and take a peek at everything, and that you can go in on a day when they’re actually open for business.

Adam’s Antiques is a more personal store, and it’s a good private place to get all the attention and personal care you need when you’re investigating antiques. It’s one of the finest stores out there, as far as personalized and customized attention to detail when it comes to investigating the kinds of antiques that are going to be good for your collection, savings, and home.

Adam is a great man to work with, and you can instantly feel his warmth, energy, excitement, and talent when he’s discussing antiques with you. He’s really into his craft, and he loves what he does, and that’s part of the reason you can really get the kind of attention you need when out on the hunt for some really unique antiques.

These small, little, individual stores owned by a single person who really knows his business is sometimes a lot better than going into a big antiques mall, even if the selection is less. The reason is that you’ll get more personalized attention, and you can have lengthy, in-depth discussions with the store owners and proprietors. It’s one of the best ways to really get an in-depth feel for antiquing and collectibles. You can’t get that kind of narrow, detailed great look when you go to a huge antique mall where everything is spread out and hard to find. You might have to go through a ton of steps to just get to the one thing that a unique individual could tell you about.

Adams Antiques
1423 W Main St
Richmond, VA 23220
(804) 355-0254